Himachali-in-Bangalore Group celebrates ‘Himachali Sangam 2023’

Himachali Sangam 2023

Shimla: The Himachali community in Bengaluru organized a program ‘Himachali Sangam 2023 – Bengaluru’ in collaboration with ‘Goyal Group, Haryana Group’ and ‘24 Mantra Organic’ on November 4.

More than 500 Himachalis living and working in Bengaluru participated in the event. The gathering brought together people of all age groups, from children to the elderly, to celebrate their rich cultural heritage.

The highlight of the event was the traditional Himachali Dham, which presented Himachali cuisine in traditional style, along with a captivating Himachali folk dance performance.

Apart from this, various other cultural programs added to the entertainment and inspired the attendees to stay connected to their Himachali roots.

With the support of 24 Mantra, the Himachali community in Bangalore organized a master chef competition and a painting competition. The Master Chef competition featured the preparation of various Himachali dishes, with the best culinary creations awarded.

Himachali Sangam 2023

The painting competition witnessed enthusiastic participation from both children and adults, who were given prizes and appreciation for their artistic talent.

In the cultural section, the Himachali team organized a Himachali fashion show, where participants of all age groups enthralled the audience in traditional Himachali attire.

The artists performed various dance and singing performances. The Himachali in Bangalore group was founded on February 3, 2023 and is now growing, with over 700 members.

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Himachali-in-Bangalore group founders Dinesh Rana, Sunny Sharma, Ashwini Sharma, Anurag Dhiman and Kanchan Thakur said that they will improve their future events and promote Himachali culture.

Unfortunately, due to health issues of Himachal Chief Minister, he could not be invited to this event, but he will be invited to future events in Bengaluru.