Ramlala sitting on the throne; Abhishekam was done with water from 81 urns.

Ramlala Abhishekam Ayodhya

Preparations for the consecration ceremony of Ramlala in the Ram temple of Ayodhya have reached the final stage. On Saturday, the fifth day of the Pran Pratistha ritual, the Jaladhivas ritual took place in the sanctum sanctorum of the newly built temple of Ramlala at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi.

Under this, the sanctum sanctorum was washed with the holy water of Saryu river. After this Vaastu Shanti and Annadhivas rituals took place. In this, the idol is covered in a store of grains like wheat, paddy etc. and mantras are chanted.

After Vaastu Shanti, Ramlala was enthroned. Before this, the idol of Raramlala was first kept in the sugar residence and then in the fruit residence.

On the other hand, the darshan of Ramlala in the temporary temple built in the Janmabhoomi complex has stopped. Now he will give darshan to the native from January 23.

14 couples have been included in the hosts of the Pran Pratistha ritual to be held on January 22. The hosts include people from all sections of society.

Abhishekam was done with water from 81 urns.

As part of the ritual, the immovable idol of Ramlala was anointed with water from 81 pots containing medicines. In this sequence, the new palace i.e. palace of Ramlala was established. The entire palace was bathed with water.