Train-Set Trial Failed, Gasped 100 Meters Ahead of Kalka Railway Station


The first trial run of the train-set (Self Propelled Hydraulic Multiple Unit) on the Kalka-Shimla Heritage Railway track failed on Thursday. During the trial, the train-set stood 100 meters ahead of Kalka Railway Station.

After this, the railway called a technical team and investigated. It may be noted that there is a plan to run a special train on the Kalka-Shimla heritage railway track at a speed of 28 kilometers per hour.

RDSO (Research Design and Standards Organisation) team has arrived from Lucknow to conduct its trial between Kalka and Shimla.

The train-set will be run up and down from Kalka to Shimla for trial. The empty train-set from Kalka to Shimla will run at a speed of 20 km per hour.

Trial will be done between Shimla and Kaithlighat at a speed of 20 to 28 km per hour. The trial of the train-set will continue till the month of March. RDSO Lucknow team will submit its report to Railway Board after completion of trial.


After the permission of the Railway Board, the operation of the train-set will start at a speed of 28 km. Although its first trial has failed.

Engineless Train is Called Train-Set

Train-sets are also called engineless trains because the engines are installed inside the coaches. Apart from comfortable seats, the facility of AC, heater, LED and display board is also available in the train-set.

All three coaches of a train-set run as an alternative to a rail motor car are vestibules. Passengers can move from one coach to another without getting down from the train.

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