The cabinet will decide on JOA 817, 1400 documents are yet to be done

Cabinet will take decision on JOA 817

Shimla: Although the Cabinet Sub-Committee may be ready to declare the result of Junior Office Assistant Post Code 817, some major decisions will still have to be taken by the full Cabinet. The cabinet meeting was proposed on Tuesday evening, which had to be postponed due to the Chief Minister’s visit to two districts.

Now this meeting is likely to take place in the next two days. The Personnel Department is also waiting for this meeting. Actually, the Cabinet Sub-Committee has agreed to declare the result of Postcode-817 leaving the posts of seven accused vacant, but it is not so easy right now.

Cabinet will take decision on JOA 817

This examination was conducted for a total of 1867 posts, out of which the result will now be declared for 1860 posts, but the documentation of only 4400 candidates who passed the written examination has not been completed yet.

There are around 1400 candidates whose documentation is yet to be done. That is why first it has to be decided which agency will do this documentation and which agency will get the result?

According to the current rules of business of the state government, Class-3 recruitments have been given to the Public Service Commission. Public Service Commission is not ready to take the records of any recruitment examination in which FIR of paper leak is already pending.

That is why the State Selection Commission will have to return this examination. Only the full cabinet is authorized to do this. This post code will have to be brought out of the purview of the Public Service Commission and given to the State Selection Commission.

The second question is that the process which is being adopted in the case of post code 817, will now have to be adopted by the government in other post codes also.

Even in case of the possibility of paper leak or increasing the scope, cancellation of recruitment examinations is no longer an option. Therefore, the State Selection Commission may have to go through a similar process in the future in the case of recruitments like Drawing Master and Secretariat Clerk.