Heavy rains in Shimla after 17 years and the maximum temperature in April was the lowest in 10 years

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Shimla: In Himachal Pradesh, it rained for the second time in the last 20 years in April. After 17 years, Shimla received the highest rainfall in 24 hours, while the maximum mercury in April was recorded as the lowest in 10 years.

From April 1 to 30 this year, the state received 63 percent more rainfall than normal. Earlier, in the year 2021, 70 and 50 percent more rains were recorded in 2019.

Shimla received 54 mm of rain on Saturday night and Sunday. Earlier in the year 2006, there was 56 mm of rain. On Sunday, Shimla received heavy hailstorm along with light rain.

In the afternoon there was darkness in the city for some time. The second highest rainfall in 24 hours in Shimla from 2007 to 2022 was 52 mm in the year 2017.

Himachal Weather Heavy rains in Shimla after 17 years

Whereas, most of the days of April were spent in cold weather this year. In the capital Shimla, on April 17 this year, the maximum temperature was recorded at 25.9 degrees. Earlier it used to go above 28 degrees. This was the highest mercury recorded in April this year.

On other days, the maximum temperature remained below 20 degrees on average. This year, the record maximum temperature of 25.9 degrees Celsius was the lowest in April in the last ten years.

Earlier in the year 2013, the highest maximum temperature was recorded at 23.9 degree during April.

From 2014 to 2022, the maximum mercury remained above 26 degrees. This time in the plain districts of Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, and Kangra, the maximum temperature did not even reach 40 degrees. The maximum temperature in Una हद reached 43 degrees last year.

In most of the high altitude areas including the capital Shimla, jackets and sweaters have to be worn to protect against the cold.

Due to the cold, dozens of patients suffering from cold and fever are reaching the hospitals daily for treatment.

During April last year, there was 89 percent less rainfall than normal. This was the least rainfall recorded in the last 19 years.

Clouds rained more than normal in all districts in April – Himachal Pradesh received 63 percent more rain than normal in April this year. It rained more than normal in all the districts of the state. During this period, 64 mm of rain has been considered normal. In April this year, it received 104.1 mm of rain.

201 percent above normal in district Bilaspur, 36 in Chamba, 114 in Hamirpur, 90 in Kangra, 39 in Kinnaur, 112 in Kullu, two in Lahaul-Spiti, 141 in Mandi, 161 in Shimla, 116 in Sirmaur, 187 in Solan and Una received 26 percent excess rainfall.