Himachalis relish ‘dham’ in Canada’s Calgary; CM Sukhvinder Sukhu participates virtually


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Monday virtually participated in the ‘Himachali dham’ event organised by the Himachali Association of Alberta in Calgary in Canada.

Dham is a mid-day meal served in Himachali culture on the occasions of marriage or religious days. In the ‘dham’, cooked rice and a type of dal called moong dal is served.

The Chief Minister said such events play a vital role in connecting Himachalis residing abroad with their rich legacy and culture. He praised the diaspora as valuable ambassadors of Himachal’s vibrant culture worldwide.

He highlighted the importance of such gatherings in introducing the younger generation to the state’s traditions and culture to make them feel connected to their soil.

“Such events symbolise the enduring bond between Himachalis across the globe and their homeland, fostering cultural preservation and global unity,” said Sukhu.

He praised the association’s commitment in preserving Himachali culture, even for those living far away.

President of the Himachali Association of Alberta, Amit Sharma, said the event holds a dual importance, as it celebrates Himachali cultural heritage and customs, thus strengthening the bond amongst the people of Himachal in Alberta and Himachal Pradesh, overcoming geographical distances.

The annual ‘Himachali dham’ in Calgary has brought together Himachalis to showcase the state’s rich traditions, delicious cuisine and the folk songs, he added.