World Cup matches will be held under LED lights in Dharamshala

ICC ODI World Cup Dharamshala

Shimla: The day-night matches of the ICC ODI World Cup to be held in October at the International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala will be played under LED floodlights.

The work of replacing the old halogen lights with new LED lights has started in the stadium. From August 15 to 25, the work of installing new LET lights on all four flood light poles in the stadium will be completed.

The Delhi-based company has started the work of removing the old lights at Dharamshala Stadium.There are four poles of floodlights in Dharamshala Stadium. There are 96 halogen lights on each pole. There are a total of 386 lights on all the poles.

The capacity of each bulb is 2000 watts. But now 1620 watt LED lights will be installed in their place. This will result in less power consumption and reduce the load on all the generators in the stadium.

World Cup matches will be held under LED lights in Dharamshala

LED lights light up in microseconds

The new LED lights to be installed in Dharamshala Stadium light up in a microsecond. They can be lit immediately after a power failure. They do not have any cooling time.

While the old lights used to take at least 10 to 15 minutes to burn completely. At the same time, after a power cut in between, they also have a cooling time of five to ten minutes.

New LED lights are being installed in place of the old ones on the floodlight poles installed in the stadium. The work has been started.

After this, the work of installing floodlights will be started in the practice area of the stadium.