Black marketing of onion in Himachal, officials will inspect warehouses


Shimla: Due to low production of onion in the country, its prices have started skyrocketing in Himachal. In such a situation, big businessmen and traders have started storing onion stock in warehouses. Himachal government is keeping an eye on onion prices.

The government has instructed the Food, Civil and Consumer Affairs Department to raid the warehouses of onion wholesalers. If any businessman has accumulated onion stock then strict action will be taken.

At the same time, these businessmen can be fined up to lakhs of rupees. Last year, in October-November, onion had reached Rs 200 per kg.

Even during that time, the government had set a limit for wholesalers to keep stock of 20 quintals of onion and 10 quintals of potatoes in warehouses. If onion prices are not stopped in Himachal, the government will set storage limit.


Onion prices have increased within a week in Himachal Pradesh. Earlier, onion was being sold at Rs 30 to 40 per kg.

The government believes that there is a shortage of onion in the country. Onion wholesalers have accumulated onion stocks. Now it is being sent to the market at expensive prices.

In such a situation, due to the festive season, onion has brought tears to the people in the market. People are troubled by the continuously increasing onion prices in Himachal. Shopkeepers say that due to increase in wholesale prices in the market, onion is being sold expensive.

There has been a significant decline in the sales of onion due to sudden inflation. Shopkeepers said that the crops had been damaged due to rain in outside states due to which the prices have increased.

Onion is also coming to the market from Delhi and Nashik. When the new crop starts arriving in the market, prices will fall.

Director of Food, Civil and Consumer Affairs Department, Ramkumar Gautam said that instructions have been issued to the District Food Controller officers to inspect the warehouses of wholesalers. Even in vegetable markets, shopkeepers who have not posted price lists have been asked to issue challans.