A Degree College will be open in Taunidevi soon; Higher Education Department Submitted a Report after CM’s Announcement

Degree College will be open in Taunidevi soon

The degree college to open in Taunidevi in Hamirpur district will be the first college to be opened under Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu Government. Earlier, the new government had detected around 19 of the 23-degree colleges opened during the former government.

After this, during the tour of Sujanpur, the Chief Minister announced to open a new college in Taunidevi. After this, the Chief Minister’s Office asked the Higher Education Department to submit a report about this.

Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Sharma prepared a detailed report for this. It is being said in this report that 26 bighas of land in Taunidevi has been found for the new college, while 35 bighas are needed according to the criteria.

Degree College will be open in Taunidevi soon

Hamirpur Degree College is 12 km from Taunidevi, where 4900 students are studying. Sujanpur College which is 30 km away, has 1111 admissions, while Bhoranj College which is at a distance of 18 km from Taunidevi, has 650 admissions.

According to Norms, if there are more than 3000 admissions in a nearby degree college, a new degree college can be opened by giving a rebate of 25 km.

On this basis, the Director of Higher Education has now recommended the Education Secretary to open a degree college in Taunidevi, in which the proposal has been made to open this degree college. It seems that for every degree college, the parameters will be tested in the similar manner under the new government.