Free Smart Uniforms for Five Lakh Students of Government Schools Discontinued


About five lakh students of Himachal Pradesh will no longer get free smart uniforms. The Sukhu government, which is going through a financial crunch, has excluded the boys of classes I to XII from the general category and girls of classes IX to XII from the purview of the free uniform scheme. Earlier 8.50 lakh students used to get uniforms.

Now, this scheme has been limited to 3.70 lakh students only. The Sukhu government has decided to give uniforms only to the students of classes I to VIII.

Financial assistance is given by the Central Government to provide uniforms to these students. Under the new system change, free uniforms will now be given to all girls of first to eighth grade and boys of SC, ST, and BPL families only.


These 3.70 lakh students will now be given Rs 600-600 in their bank accounts through DBT instead of a set of clothes.

Earlier, eight and a half lakh students of classes I to XII were given two sets of uniforms each and Rs 200 each for tailoring.

The state government has approved a transfer of Rs 600 per student through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to all girls studying in classes I to VIII and boys belonging to SC, ST, and BPL families.

This amount will be transferred in the name of these students or their mothers for school uniforms.

Education Minister Rohit Thakur said that from the new financial year only students of classes I to VIII will be given free smart uniforms.

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