Initiative: Dadahu School becomes Himachal’s first school to have prayer meeting in Pahari Dialect


Shimla: Prayer meetings will be held in the English language in government shops and in some private shops in English language.

In the local dialect, such a meeting would hardly be organized in any school of the century till date. But, Government Girls High School Dadahu in Sirmour district has started prayer meeting in Pahari language. The meeting has been made very interesting with the tune, rhythm, rhythm and music.

On Wednesday, for the first time, a prayer meeting was held in this school in the local language, for which it took a month to prepare.

The famous folk song Ramo Ra Naav as a prayer is woven into a two-minute bhajan with full instrumentation in typical Pahari.

Along with this the pledge, slogan, today’s thought has also been prepared in the Pahari dialect. This mountain prayer meeting is being conducted by class ninth ritualist Avantika.

Let us tell you that prayer meetings are being organized in this school in Hindi, English, and Sanskrit languages as well. For the first time, the local Pahari language was given fourth place and it was also included in the assembly.

There is tremendous appreciation in this first area as well. During the meeting, the pronunciation of signing the band including caution, relaxation, down faith and faith is also being done in Pahari dialect only. No sign of any kind has been given from the National Song and National Anthem.

The special thing is that this school is in the urban area, where 210 students are getting education. Students are also studying in the schools of the surrounding rural areas.

Look, it took a month to get all the kids to speak the deep dialect. The Saraswati Lords of the school established the prayer hall at Language Hill and established it in their school.

It is headed by TGT teachers Anant Alok and Nisha Thakur. Headmistress Usha Rani told that in your school, importance has been given to Pahari Boli with the thought of doing something different. Prayer meetings are also being held here in Hindi, English, and Sanskrit on the beach. This will be continued regularly.