Apple Plants being Prepared in Kangra become the First Choice in Hot Plain States, Online Demand


Rajinder Kumar, a youth of Panchayat Bhali under District Kangra, has become a source of inspiration for the youth by adopting self-employment.

Rajinder has set up an apple nursery in Bhali on the banks of the Pathankot-Mandi National Highway and these days apple plants are being supplied from Bhali on online demand in about a dozen states of the country during the season.

Saplings of Anna and two sets of gold variety apples are prepared in Bhali. These plants are packed and sent to different states of the country.

Rajinder Kumar told that apple plants grown in Kangra of Himachal have become the first choice in the plains across the country.

He told that these days his apple plants are being supplied all over India including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, North East, Assam, Manipur and Imphal.

Online demand for plants is coming to him from different states of the country and he is continuously sending plants from here on the demand of farmers and gardeners. Due to the good rates, the demand for these varieties of hot areas is continuously increasing.

He claims that in the coming times, apple orchards will make people self-reliant in the plains as well as in the mountains, and it will become a major means of connecting people with employment and self-employment.

He has given a message to the youth to stop running after government jobs and adopt the medium of self-employment.