Railway track restored from Kalka to Solan, second phase work completed, target to reach Shimla by 30th September

World Heritage Kalka-Shimla track

Shimla: The restoration work of the World Heritage Kalka-Shimla track is going on at a fast pace these days. The train will soon reach Shimla in the coming days. The Railway Department has completed the second phase of track restoration work.

The target was set to complete the second phase by September 20. The railway track was restored till Solan in the second phase by Sunday. Now in the third phase, the work of restoring the railway track between Solan and Shimla is going on at a fast pace.

Under this, the work of building a railway bridge near Summerhill is also in full swing. Recently, a trial was conducted by the Railways on the railway track from Kalka to Solan.

Railway track restored from Kalka to Solan

During this, railway officials inspected the track. Now there is a plan to run a special train between Kalka and Solan from 20th September.

In the first phase, Kalka to Koti railway station was restored till September 10. After this, in the second phase the entire track will be restored till Solan by 20th September, and in the last phase till Shimla by 30th September.

Kalka-Shimla railway line suffered a lot of damage due to rains and landslides in July and August. Railway services have been closed for more than two months. Railways has also instructed the contractors to work expeditiously between Solan and Shimla.

Trial from Kalka to Solan successful

After restoring the rail track from Kalka to Solan, a trial run was conducted by the Railways on this line on Monday. A special train was run between Kalka and Solan for trial.

In this, the special investigation team of Railways was also present in the train. Officials say that this trial till Solan has been successful.