Land acquisition for Kangra Airport after two months, formation of Special Land Acquisition Unit

Dharamshala-Chandigarh air service start from 22nd September

Shimla: The process of land acquisition will start 60 days after the issue of notification for Kangra Airport expansion. On Thursday, the process has started by forming a Special Land Acquisition Unit for this.

Within these 60 days, the people of the concerned area can submit their claims and objections. 122 hectares of land is to be acquired for airport expansion. Final draft will be prepared for land acquisition after two months.

The process of expansion of Kangra Airport, which is important from the point of view of tourism and security, is progressing at a fast pace.

With the issue of notification after the cabinet meeting, the Special Land Acquisition Unit has been constituted. Unit meeting was also organized on Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Nipun Jindal said that for the expansion of Gaggal Airport in Kangra district, notification for land acquisition has been issued by the state government.

Land acquisition for Kangra Airport after two months

The DC said that the land acquisition process would be completed as per the rules. Administratively, complete preparations have been made for this.

For the process of land acquisition, Divisional Commissioner Kangra has been appointed as Commissioner, Additional District Magistrate as Administrator and SDM Kangra as Collector.

The Deputy Commissioner said that before the land acquisition, evaluation work of buildings, fruit plants, trees and crops would be started. hdm

Prohibition on sale and purchase of land without permission

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Nipun Jindal said that no person can buy, sell or change the name of his entire or partial land without the prior permission of the Collector. Orders have also been issued for this.

Register objections in room number 214

The villagers of the concerned area can now register their objections in writing in room number 214 in Mini Secretariat Kangra within 60 days. Settlement of these objections will also be ensured within fifteen days.

Eight panchayats will be affected

In airport expansion, it is proposed to acquire land of 14 revenue villages of eight panchayats, including revenue villages Rachhiyalu, Jugehad, Bhadol, Kayodiya, Bagh, Balla, Barswalkad, Bhedi, Dhugiari Khas, Gagal Khas, Jhikli Ichhi, Mugarhad, Sahoda, Sanaura. .

meeting on 21st

A meeting with Panchayat representatives will be held on July 21 at 11 am in the Zilla Parishad building in Dharamshala.