Monsoon: 115 roads closed in 24 hours; loss crosses 1300 crores


Shimla: The figure of loss in PWD has crossed Rs 1300 crore. Even now 800 roads are blocked. More than 115 new roads have been blocked due to fresh rains in the last 24 hours. This effect of rain has been maximum in Shimla district.

After the decision to restore the roads in the apple-growing areas, the PWD had put in full force, but traffic has been disrupted due to landslides and riots on 96 roads from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

However, the department has fielded employees including JCB to restore these roads. On the other hand, after the devastation in Kullu and Mandi, the situation seemed to be returning to normal, but in the meanwhile 17 new roads have been blocked once again.

There is no movement on these roads. Among these, maximum 14 roads were blocked in Joginder Nagar, two in Kullu, and one in Mandi.

Shimla, Kullu, and Mandi account for about 75 percent of the total damage to roads in the state. The department has assessed the loss of Rs 458 crore 72 lakh in Shimla, and Rs 442 crore 50 lakh in Mandi.

Apart from this, talking about other zones, there has been a loss of Rs 168 crore 73 lakh in Hamirpur and Rs 116 crore in Kangra zone. Fresh losses due to rains in the last 24 hours have increased the concern of apple growers.

Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh has already given instructions to the Public Works Department to restore roads in Sukhu Seb Bahul area. While Public Works Department Minister Vikramaditya Singh has also taken a meeting of the officers of the department. However, the department is now facing a budget crunch.

Suppose the departmental sources are to be believed. In that case, the report of damage coming from all the zones of PWD is being sent to the state government so that it can be proposed for the approval of the Center and the financial assistance received from the Center can be used to restore the roads. Can go -hdm

Heavy damage to 33 bridges due to floods

Due to the rains, 33 bridges across the state have been heavily damaged. Out of these, 11 bridges have been washed away due to the flood in ravines and drains due to rain. While 22 bridges have been badly damaged.

The Public Works Department has sought financial assistance from the Central and State Governments to restore these bridges for traffic.

The department needs Rs 42 crore 50 lakh to re-establish the 11 bridges which the rains have damaged. While the damaged bridges will be repaired with Rs 22 crore. The department needs Rs 64 crore 50 lakh for the restoration of these bridges.

301 roads will be restored if the weather is clear

Chief Engineer of the Public Works Department Ajay Gupta said that the PWD has put all its efforts in restoring the stalled traffic across the state. Out of 800 roads, 301 will be restored in the next 24 hours.

The department is constantly trying to re-open the roads in the apple-dominated area. The department is facing losses due to frequent rains.