Result of Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Decreased by 10 Percent in Five Months


The result of the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) announced by Himachal Pradesh School Education Board has been 10 percent less than the results extracted five months ago.

In September 2022, the result of the teacher eligibility test of eight subjects was 25.95 percent. This time the result of the seven subjects declared is stuck at 15.15.

The lowest result is recorded in TGT Arts. The result of Language Teacher has also not been satisfactory. The result of the teacher eligibility test of Punjabi subject has been 9.21 percent more this time.

Himachal Pradesh School Education Board took the teacher eligibility test (TAT) of seven subjects in December. This time this result has been 15.15 percent.

In September 2022, the result of TAT announced by the Board of School Education was 25.85 percent. This time the results declared is less than 10 percent compared to September 2022.

During the results announced in September 2022, 48,345 candidates applied. Of these, 44,142 candidates were appeared, while 4203 candidates did not take the exam.

During this period, 11,415 candidates were declared passed by the board, while the result of 32,727 candidates was failing. This time a total of 38,140 candidates applied for the examination of seven subjects.

34,501 candidates took the exam, while 3,639 candidates were absent. In the result declared by the Board of Education, 5,229 candidates have been declared passed and the rest of the 29,272 candidates appearing in the examination have been declared fail.

How much Percent was the Result

Subject   January, 2023    September, 2022
Language Teacher 21.26 35.19
Punjabi 16.13 6.92
Shastri 28.76 31.22
TGT Arts 7.96 26.5
TGT Medical 24.22 18.01
TGT Non Medical 16.45 10
Urdu 0 14.29